Autoglym Polar Blast Snow Foam

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Autoglym Polar Blast is a super snow foam which is applied using a pressure washer or polyurethane lance.

Autoglym Polar Blast is a snow foam which Can Be applied using a Pressure washer or polyurethane gun as a pre-wash stage.

This lessens the danger of scratches and swirl marks brought on by means of a sponge or wash mitt going over thick contamination.

Its pH neutral formula won’t get rid of any present layers of wax or polish.

2.5 litre bottle


What is Polar Blast?

Polar Blast is a snow foam that can be applied using a pressure washer or foam gun as a pre-wash stage. It covers the vehicle in a rich blanket of foam that clings to paintwork to gently loosen dirt and heavy soiling prior to shampooing. This reduces the risk of scratches and swirl marks caused by a sponge or wash mitt moving over heavy contamination.

Is Polar Blast pH Neutral?

Yes, it is pH neutral and will therefore not remove wax.

Do I use Polar Blast instead of shampoo?

Polar Blast has been primarily formulated as a new pre-wash product. By using it in advance of your regular Autoglym shampoo you will loosen heavy soiling and contaminants and begin to dissolve traffic film. This will significantly reduce the risk of contamination scratching your paintwork when you agitate the shampoo foam with a sponge or wash mitt.

We would only recommend its use in place of a shampoo if your paintwork has very light soiling. In these circumstances please ensure you rinse the vehicle first to remove any heavier contamination.

Polar Blast has been formulated to go through a pressure Washer and we would not recommend using from a bucket.

Should I agitate the foam generated by Polar Blast?

We would not recommend agitation as part of a pre-wash process. Allow the product to dwell on the paintwork for up to 10 minutes. This will allow Polar Blast to safely soften and loosen soiling, before rinsing with your pressure washer.

If your vehicle only has very light soiling and you are using in place of shampoo. Please rinse vehicle first before applying Polar Blast. You can either allow to dwell and rinse without agitation or agitate with a sponge or wash mitt prior to rinsing.

What is the recommended Dilution rate for Polar Blast?

This really is dependent on several factors including the level of foam you would like to achieve, the settings of your pressure washer and the hardness of water in your area.

In summary the product has been developed to work neat through to 1part Polar Blast to 10 parts water. We have been very happy with the product performance diluted at 1:5.

Pre dilute to make approx. ½ litre of diluted solution and fill the bottle of your foam gun.

Can I use this product in a bucket and not a pressure Washer?

Polar Blast has been designed and formulated for use through a foam gun attached to a pressure washer. We do not recommend using this product in a bucket.

Directions For Use

Before you start, check that the bodywork and wheels are cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

Polar Blast can be used at various dilutions depending on the density of foam desired. A good starting point is 100ml product to 500ml water in your foaming bottle. Adjust foam gun settings as required to increase or reduce foam.

Spray Polar Blast onto the vehicle, starting at the bottom, ensuring all exterior surfaces are covered, including glass and wheels.

Leave Polar Blast time to dwell and loosen dirt for up to 10 minutes, although do not allow it dry on.

Finally, rinse thoroughly from the bottom up.

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