Poorboys Spray and Rinse Wheel Cleaner

Poorboys Spray and Rinse Wheel Cleaner


Poorboys Spray & Rinse is a professional grade acidic blended product for the quick and easy removal of brake dust and road grime from most wheels.

Just spray it on a cool, wet wheel, let it set for a few minutes and then use a steady hard stream of water to remove.

No bending, no scrubbing, no brushing required.

946ml spray bottle

* Use on wheels that are:
* Clear coated
* Painted
* Chrome
* Plastic hub caps

For maintenance of wheels, Spray & Rinse can be diluted up to 50% (1:1) for quick and easy cleaning.

NOTE: NOT for use on uncoated wheels without dilution & spot testing, or hot wheels. Use of protective clothing, gloves & goggles is advisable.