Monza Merino Wool Wash Mitt

Monza Merino Wool Wash Mitt


This Monza SWIRL-FREE Merino Wool Wash Mitt is an extremely ergonomic for car washing and highly durable. No other mitt we have seen is as pure or has up to 4" long wool pile.

Leaves an excellent swirl-free finish.

The mitt is handmade of genuine Merino wool, regarded as the finest and softest wool of any sheep it is extremely gentle even on the softest of paints and it holds plenty of soapy water for excellent paint protection.

It has this deep pile for a reason: when washing a vehicle, loose dirt gets lost in the wool strands and it does not rub against the paint. Plus, the long, shaggy wool has an extra-large capacity for soapy water. More soapy water equals more paint-protecting lubrication for your vehicle.

Made with 4" Irish Merino wool

20cm x 30cm

Safe on any surface

Highly durable

Made in Great Britain

After use, rinse well under a warm tap water to remove as much debris and dirt as possible - do not machine wash!

Use a dedicated detergent if the mitt is very dirty.

Allow to dry NATURALLY.

Brush the wool with pet brush or strong hair brush to keep the wool fluffy.

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