Gilmour Foamaster Pre-wash Foam Sprayer

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This Gilmour Foamaster foam pre wash gun produces high levels of foam from your normal mains water hosepipe connection, it can create a thick blanket of foam to cover your vehicle, initially to remove any excess dirt or road traffic film. The gun works well with all good quality concentrated car shampoos & snow foams.

Connects to your normal hosepipe via the hozelock connection and produces good levels of foam when used with any of our foaming solutions.


* Foam generating wand creates a thick, clinging foam

* Dial on the top of the Gun allows altering of Product: Water ratio

* Detach handle for a powerful spray rinse

* For cleaning, degreasing or disinfecting when a foam is desired to increase surface contact time

* Easy to fill wide mouth, chemical resistant polyethylene half gallon bottle

* NON-LEAK Hozelock connector fitted-Just quick connect and away you go!

Directions for use:

Water Pressure - 40 to 90 psi (for maximum accuracy 40 to 60 psi)

Output - 1-1/2 gallons per minute

Spray Pattern - Foaming attachment provides a fan spray, removes for a solid stream. Deflectors are available for fan spray patterns for non-foaming chemicals.

Snow Foam should be applied to a dry car and left to soak before rinsing off excess dirt and grime. Two applications may be required for heavily soiled vehicles.

Adjustable dial in the top of the Gilmour Gun allows control of water to product ratio, affecting the thickness of the foam. In areas with low water pressure a higher concentration of product will be necessary to create foam.

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