Dakota Non Smoke Cigarette Eliminator

Dakota Non Smoke Cigarette Eliminator


Dakota Non Smoke Tobacco Cigarette Smoke Odour Eliminator

Ideal for hotel rooms, restaurants, conference rooms, offices, lavatories, bars, pubs, cars, furniture, fabrics, upholstery or anywhere smoke odour occurs

Contains Odormorph at 4x Power

This unique odour eliminator is designed to be used anywhere offensive odours are a problem.

The special formula seeks out and destroys smoke odours and other bad odours. The fragrance will fade in a few hours and odours are eliminated. The ultra dry formula is safe on fabrics and furniture when used as directed

Highly concentrated, a little goes a long way

Unfortunately due to delivery restrictions, this aerosol product can only be delivered to a UK mainland address

Dakota Non Smoke Aerosol

Kills tobacco smoke odour

Eliminates foul odours

Non staining

Ultra Dry Formula