Gliptone Leather Small Air Freshener

Gliptone Leather Small Air Freshener


Gliptone have been producing Liquid Leather leather smelling conditioner for many years and it has gained a reputation for being the only product on the market that really does give that traditional and authentic smell of leather, like the interior of Rolls-Royces and Jaguars, no other product has been able to match the smell.

This small one lasts approx 4-6 months and the larger one that sits underneath your car seat will last 12 months plus.

Liquid Leather Air Fresheners are dipped, not sprayed and therefore have 60% more scent content.

They are allowed to dry naturally for 48 hours rather than force dried. This gives 20% more scent retention.

Liquid Leather Air Fresheners contain no harmful chemicals that could damage leather, plastic or metal trim/finishes. Which means you can safely hang or place them anywhere in the car, home or office.

They are totally manufactured and packed in the UK using only the best quality materials. Many other air fresheners are manufactured in the Far East taking many weeks to arrive on the UK market, losing their effectiveness and reducing their longevity.

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