Car Chem Ceramic Paint & Wheel Coating

Car Chem Ceramic Paint & Wheel Coating

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Car Chem Ceramic Coat is the ultimate nano car paint protection system.

Ceramic coatings are a highly effective last stage protection that protects against the harmful effects of acid rain, bird droppings, scratches, UV Damage and bad washing techniques.

Ceramic Coat contains a special formulation of cross-linked silicone polymers that create a durable and protective barrier between your vehicle's paintwork and the elements.

Once applied the ceramic coat will provide 3 years durable and hassle-free protection.

30ml Bottle

How To Use:

  1. Place 4 to 5 drops of the ceramic coating on to a specialised applicator.

  2. Lightly apply to the vehicles paintwork in small areas (50cm x 50cm), using an up/down and left/right lattice pattern for optimal coverage.

  3. Wait 1-3 minutes depending on the temperature of the working environment. You will see faint separation or "flash off" when it is ready for the next step.

  4. Using a clean lint free microfibre cloth, gently wipe the treated areas in straight lines to remove any excess coating. DO NOT create excess friction.

  5. Swap to a clean high pile microfibre and repeat the buffing. Again, use only very light pressure, so no excess friction is created.

  6. Finally check the panel for uneven coating or "high spots". Lightly even out the coating if required.

DO NOT touch the paint or use the vehicle for 24 hours. DO NOT wash the vehicle for 3 days to allow for max cure and hardness.

Top Tip:

Use Car-Chem Gloss Coat to top-up your protection and to remove any watermarks, dirt and damage