Car Chem HydroCoat Hybrid Ceramic Spray

Car Chem HydroCoat Hybrid Ceramic Spray


Car Chem HydroCoat Hybrid is our vehicle bodywork sealant.

Manufactured using liquid glass (SiO2) and specialist silicone infused technology to create a ceramic sealant for detailers both professional and beginner alike.

HydroCoat Hybrid forms a strong bond with your vehicles body work, by creating a cross linking, self cleaning barrier.

Choice of 500ml, 1 Litre or 5 Litre Bottles

How To Use
1.Spray a small amount on to a polishing pad or ceramic sponge, and work in a cross hatch motion, one panel at a time.

2.Allow to cure for 5 minutes, or until the solution has dried to a haze.

3.Use a clean microfibre cloth to buff

Top Tip
Use in conjunction with Car-Chem Ceramic Suds to form a continual barrier