Car Chem Panel Prep Wipe Paint Cleaner

Car Chem Panel Prep Wipe Paint Cleaner


Car-Chem's Prep Panel Wipe is our new degreasing and preparatory surface cleanser.
Prep Panel Wipe is a special product that is designed to remove residue from your vehicle's surfaces in order to prepare the surface for last stage protection. Prep is great at removing oils and silicones to give a streak-free, clean surface perfect for last stage protection.

When applying your last stage protection it needs to bond correctly to the surface of your vehicle. Prep Panel Wipe is designed to remove any final residue which may be on your vehicle's paintwork, which allows the final stage protection to bond better and provide better and longer-lasting protection.

Choice of 500ml, 1 litre or 5 litre bottle

Top Tip:
This product doubles up as a great Glass Cleaner.

Spray Prep directly onto your vehicle's exterior paintwork, and a small amount to a clean, lint-free microfibre cloth.

Continue to wipe over until the solution has completely evaporated, leaving a clean, contamination-free finish.