Car Chem Ceramic Detailer

Car Chem Ceramic Detailer


Car-Chem Ceramic Detailer is a specially developed detailer that will enhance protection with its high active SiO2 content. The SiO2 content extends the durability of existing LSP and boosts hydrophobicity. Ceramic Detailer can be applied to uncoated paintwork to provide an effective and quick protective coating

Choose from: 500ml, 1 Litre or trade size 5 Litre Container

How to use:

Lightly mist formula onto a damp microfibre applicator or damp cotton pad.

Work the solution in a lattice pattern, a panel at a time, ensuring even coverage.

Leave the product to cure for no longer than 30 seconds

Buff off with a plush microfibre cloth.

Top Tip!

For best results apply in a cool, shaded area and work a panel at a time to ensure the product does not fully dry.