Monza Clay Decontamination Cloth

Monza Clay Decontamination Cloth


This Monza Decontamination Clay Cloth is a simple and fast method to remove contaminants from the surface of exterior painted finishes and glass. With advanced Rubber Polymer Technology bonded to a 12" x 12" microfibre towel.

Decontamination of the paint surface is critical to proper auto care for a multitude of reasons. You want to remove all contaminants before polishing so you can work on a clean canvas rather than dragging tiny contaminants across the paint during the polishing phase.

With this towel you can remove surface bonded contaminants and use any Iron remover spray to remove anything below the surface of the paint as well.

Like clay this Monza Clay Cloth removes the above surface contaminants but unlike clay it is not nearly as time consuming. Also if you drop it, it can simply be rinsed off and used again. The Monza clay cloth not only rinses easily but outlasts clay time and again.

Choice of either fine or medium grade cloths

30cm x 30cm approx size