Renovo Fabric Colour Reviver & Proofer Kit

Renovo Fabric Colour Reviver & Proofer Kit


This Renovo Reviver & Water Proofer Kit has what you need to renew the colour of your fabric hood and waterproof it as well.

This kit contains

1x Renovo Available in Black & Dark Blue colour reviver

Renovo Soft-Top Reviver available in Black & Dark Blue is quite literally a new soft-top out of a bottle. This unique and innovative formulation is simple to apply and will give unbelievable result whether the fabric soft-top is slightly or severely faded on your nearly new or your classic car.

1x Renovo fabric waterproofer

Renovo Soft Top Reviver was originally created for convertible tops, the Soft Top Reviver is also ideal for Boat Covers, Canvas, Double Duck and Mohair Coverings as it re-colours and reconditions them all like new!

Available in Black & Dark Blue to match your convertible tops hood. Soft top car care that will make your convertible tops like new again, great for classic and modern convertible tops.

After reviving the colour why not extend the longevity of the makeover by applying Renovo's waterproofing Ultra Proofer.

Renovo Ultra Proofer will cocoon your fabric soft-top in its own multi purpose barrier. This recently improved formula is really easy to apply and will not only re-establish the original 'as new' waterproof weather barrier on your canvas, double-duck or mohair soft-top, it now contains UV protection and a mould/mildew growth inhibitor too!

Now that you have your soft-top cared for, you will want to rectify the cloudiness that restricts the view out of your plastic rear screen so purchase Renovo Plastic Window Polish.