Renovo Plastic Window Polish

Renovo Plastic Window Polish


Many owners complained about their convertible\'s rear screen clouding and discolouring, so Renovo introduced this fantastic plastic rear screen polish.

Suitable for all plastic windows, perspex screens, lights etc, you will be surprised how good it works.

Great for plastic garden furniture and crash helmet visors too. We are being asked more and more by owners of light aircraft, boat and yacht owners whether the plastic cleaner can be used on their canopies and portholes and the answer is yes, in fact we are suppliers to a number of airports and chandlers.

Why does my screen, canopy or porthole cloud up?

For convertible cars every time the soft-top is folded microscopic scratches are formed on the windows plastic (perspex) rear screen which causes the window to look cloudy and difficult to see through.

For light aircraft the high speed of dust, rain and hail hitting the canopy is enough to ensure is isn\'t long before scratches hinder vision - particularly in strong sunlight.For boat windows plastic and yacht portholes, salt water erosion is the biggest culprit.

Choice of 50ml or 100ml bottles

* Restores transparency

* Removes cloudiness

* Reduces scratches and staining on the surface

* Cleans and conditions in minutes

* Just polish it on and polish it off

* This small bottle is a gigantic performer - a little goes a long way!

Please note: Renovo Plastic Window Cleaner can be used to clean and condition perspex as well as flexible plastic but is not suitable for use on glass.

1. Prior to application of Renovo Plastic Window Polish ensure that the window is clean and free from dust particles by washing with a soft cloth and warm water. It is not advisable to use cleaning detergents on plastic windows.

2. Shake the bottle thoroughly.

3. Use a soft cotton duster/cloth and apply the polish with a little pressure using circular movements to rub well in, apply more pressure on areas which are more scratched. It is best to add small quantities of polish frequently rather than a large amount all at once until the whole window has been covered.

4. Allow the polish to dry and then use a clean soft cotton duster/cloth to remove/polish off the coating of polish.

The interior and exterior of the window should be polished in the above manner to achieve best possible results.

Renovo Plastic Window Polish will not remove clarity defects that are within the plastic but it will remove external/surface scratching and yellowing.