Dodo Juice Red Mist Spray Detailer

Dodo Juice Red Mist Spray Detailer


Dodo Juice Red Mist is a spray sealant. This means it offers far higher levels of gloss, beading and protection than a typical water-based quick detailer. Use it on its own if you don\'t have time to wax the car (just wipe it on and wipe it off... there\'s no curing time) or add it to an existing finish. It works well over any cured sealant or wax, adding extra wetness, boosting slickness and increasing durability.

A really special product from Dodo Juice, and well worth every penny for the results and ease of use it delivers.

Large 500ml bottle

Ensure that paintwork is clean and dry. Shake bottle before use. Then spray Red Mist onto the panel and buff off with a soft, clean microfibre cloth or towel, folding regularly. Do not apply more Red Mist until previous traces have been buffed and smearing has disappeared.