Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Polymer Paint Sealant

Dodo Juice Iron Gloss Polymer Paint Sealant

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Dodo Juice IRON GLOSS, a polymer sealant that can crosslink in multiple layers for remarkable durability and longevity. The first 'cream' type sealant that Dodo Juice have created.

Carnauba waxes are easy to use, look great and are made from nature's finest ingredients - but they can be knocked out by strong chemicals and rarely last longer than 6 months when applied to a car. The answer was a dedicated polymer sealant called Iron Gloss.

This synthetic formula cross-links during curing to form a super-tough coating that can last 6 months to a year (about double that of an organic wax). It also feels slick to the touch and resists stronger wash and detailing products. Perfect for winter protection or just when you want to wax a little less often.

100ml bottle