Monza 4" Pro Hex Detail Polishing Pad

Monza 4" Pro Hex Detail Polishing Pad


This Flexipads 4" Pro Detail Foam Polishing Pad is ideal for use with paint cleaners or polishing compounds. For use with both dual action & rotary polishers.

The foam pad active polishing action removes most surface imperfections without leaving the swirl marks created by wool pads.

This pad has durable hook and loop backing that is machine or hand washable. This feature is a real time-saver for busy detailers.

The compact size of these pads allows you to polish small areas where a large pad just can\'t fit, like the door pillars, bumpers, and front grill slats etc & makes spot-polishing easier by concentrating on the problem area only.

Price is per 1x pad

To fit a 3" backing plate.

* Features a hexagon patterned surface, featuring connected grooves which help retain compound providing an incredibly even finish.

* New foam technology

* Cuts through moderate surface defects with less swirls

* Ideal for spot repairs and tough to reach areas

* Durable and machine washable

* Made in Great Britain