Poorboys Bird Poo Remover

Poorboys Bird Poo Remover


This Bird Sh#t Remover from Poorboy's World is a spray, count to 5, and wipe away product... emphasising the fast nature of the product. Poorboy's Bird Sh#t Remover is suitable for, and works effectively on Paint, Glass, Plastic, and Vinyl surfaces.

We would recommend that if droppings have baked into the finish, leaving this on a little longer, as a means of gently loosening the droppings.

We strongly advise against rubbing and dragging along the bodywork too hard.

473ml spray bottle

To remove bird muck that is baked or caked on your paintwork Poorboys recommend spraying and leaving the new Bird Dropping Remover for a longer period for it to soak in and loosen the hardened grime.

Then to gently remove by wiping with the microfibre, remembering not to drag or rub too hard.

The new Poorboys Bird Dropping Remover comes in a 437ml bottle with trigger spray