Poorboys World DA 900 watt Polisher

Poorboys World DA 900 watt Polisher


The Poorboys polisher is a professional tool used for vehicle paint correction and to aid car valeters and detailers in applying wax, polish and sealants to vehicle bodywork. Not only is it a vital tool for professionals it's also used at home by enthusiasts who want the perfect finish to their paintwork. The Poorboys Polisher is a mains operated machine with multiple speed settings, it's easy to use and will give stunning results. The backing plate supplied with the polisher is lined with velcro so polishing pads can be quickly attached and changed over in seconds.

Take a look at the picture below to see what this polisher can really do for your paintwork.

 photo canvas.png

The Poorboys Polisher is a Dual Action (DA) polisher which basically means the foam pad not only rotates in a circle, it also oscillates which causes a random orbital pattern, this is safer for the paintwork and doesn't allow as much heat to build up as a standard rotary polisher and is also a more gentle tool and safer to use by beginners. Very affordable price for such a quality professional machine, if you really want amazing paintwork, this is the ideal tool for you. This unit has a powerful 900w motor, which is designed to provide low end torque and also allows the polisher to spin at up to 6800 orbits per minute. The polisher is supplied with a 5" backing plate and fits a wide range of pads. For such a low price you really do get a professional product and one of the best DA polishers on the market. This polisher was originally designed to be supplied to car body shops, and still is today.
Weight 2.5 kg (approx)

What's in the Box:

Poorboys 900w Polishing Machine

5" Backing plate with 5/16" thread size

D Handle

Allen key, bolts and washer for D handle

Spanner for attaching backing plate

Detailed Instructions