Poorboys Super Swirl Remover SSR1

Poorboys Super Swirl Remover SSR1


At the first sign of swirls, light scratches and oxidation, use Poorboy\'s Light Abrasive Super Swirl Remover in the pink lotion. This is the most gentle of the four swirl removers. Unique cleaners and very light abrasives gently remove mild blemishes from your paint surface without scratching the clear coat. Don't be afraid of abrasives. Formulated properly, they are your best ally against unsightly swirls and scratches. These abrasives are so fine you can't even see them with the naked eye in the thick, pink cream.

The microscopic particles exfoliate the dull surface to reveal fresh, clean, bright paint that shines like new. Suitable for clearcoats, paint, chrome, gel coats, glass, plastic and plexi-glass.

All Poorboy's products are formulated to be used in or out of the sun. They will not dry to a stubborn haze or mar your finish if applied in direct sunlight. Poorboy's Super Swirl Remover can be applied by hand or with a polisher, by a professional or a novice. It works beautifully on all paint and clear coat finishes and on vehicles of all ages. SSR1 contains no silicone or wax, just the most effective light swirl remover you can buy. Fine swirls, scratches, oxidation, and overspray are no match for this remarkable product!

473ml / 16oz bottle