Silverline Rotary 1200 watt Machine Polisher

Silverline Rotary 1200 watt Machine Polisher


This Silverline Rotary Machine Car Polisher is great for polishing and buffing vehicles, boats and even sanding tasks are easily accomplished with this well-balanced tool.

Its dial-up speed control maintains even rate of RPM's, even when putting pressure on to revive the dullest of finishes. The variable speed and large handle combine to give superb user control.

This polisher comes with the following:

1x Silverline Rotary Polishing Machine

1x 180mm M14 Backing plate

1x 180mm Wool Polishing Bonnet

* Sturdy 'D' handle for improved control and user comfort

* Safety Lock Off ButtonPrevents Accidental Starting

* Universal Standard tread size M14

* 1200W motor, 230volts, 50hz

* 900-3000 Variable Speed

* Weight of Machine excluding backing plate & cable 2.9kg approx