Meguiars 45 Marine High Gloss Polish

Meguiars 45 Marine High Gloss Polish


It may come as a surprise that the gel coat on a boat's hull is actually a porous surface. It has millions of tiny holes in it that can fill with microscopic debris and water-dwelling organisms. If these contaminants are not cleaned out from time to time, they will cause oxidation and an overall dulling of the surface. The oxidation looks like white chalk and it will cause coloured portions of the hull to appear faded.

The only way to prevent this is to polish your boat and then protect it with wax.
Meguiar's 45 Polish is designed for the special needs of boats and RVs.
Because both boats and RVs are made of fiberglass, they have a porous gel coat. This polish is designed to penetrate the pores and remove contamination while depositing nourishing oils.

These oils wet the gel coat to create a rich, vibrant shine.

Once you apply a coat of Meguiar's 56 Pure Wax, your boat or RV will have a high gloss shine that withstands the elements, even salt water.

Meguiar's 45 Polish is especially effective on dark coloured boats. Because the colour coat is below the gel coat, oxidation that occurs in the gel coat obscures the colour of the boat. Polishing the gel coat regularly will keep the colour crisp and clear for the life of your boat. Plus, the slick, glossy finish will cut down on friction as the boat glides through the water.
On an RV, Meguiar's 45 polish maintains the shine and depth of colour to keep your home away from home looking its best.

473ml Bottle