Meguiars Car Wash Plus+

Meguiars Car Wash Plus+


Meguiars Car Wash Plus+ is an entirely new approach to cleaning the exterior of your car. It's a fast and easy way to wash that doesn't require mixing with water in a bucket. You simply apply directly to your wash mitt, gently work into the paint, and rinse off.

This revolutionary concept will ultimately save on time while gently cleaning and removing tough dirt, bugs and tar, and will even safely polish away light scuff marks.

With this unique concentrated formula a little bit goes a long way giving you 20+ washes making it a wash plus+ a whole lot more.

709ml bottle

Super concentrated formula for maximum cleaning

Easily removes bugs, grime, tar & light scuff marks

Saves time! Apply directly to wash mitt - no bucket needed!

Contains special polishing agents to improve appearance

May be used as a bucket wash for routine cleaning, if desired

If you've ever needed a car wash that cleans a little more thoroughly than a typical automotive wash Meguiars Wash Plus+ is an exciting new option to consider. Normally if you have things to remove like bugs, tar, grease, tough dirt, light stains, or even light scuff marks you need to wash the dirt from the paint and then do an additional step to address the issue you have.

For example, if you have bugs all over the front of your car you typically need to wash the paint to remove the dirt and debris, and then follow with a stronger product like a bug and tar remover. With Wash Plus+ you end up addressing both issues with the one product.

Wash Plus+ was formulated to be applied directly to a wet, high quality microfibre wash mitt. Rinse the car off thoroughly with water so that you knock of as much dirt and debris as possible first, and make sure you are working on a cool surface and in the shade to try to minimize water spotting. Apply the Wash Plus+ to the wet microfibre wash mitt and work into a section of the paint, working from the top of the vehicle downward. After you've completed a section rinse off with water as you don't want the wash to dry on the surface. Reapply the wash to your mitt and work in sections over the vehicle. If you are working with more stubborn defects you may need to repeat this multiple times in an area. Since this product doesn't have to be mixed with water in a bucket like a conventional car wash you'll end up saving a little time as you don't need to make multiple trips back to your bucket.

For those who want to use this wash in a conventional style with water and a bucket you can still use Wash Plus+ that way as well. When using with a water and a bucket you want to mix one ounce of product to three gallons of water for best results. However, you use it will clean the paint thoroughly saving time and money.