Meguiars Interior Detailing Mitt

Meguiars Interior Detailing Mitt

£12.99 Was £14.99

This Meguiars Interior Detailing Microfibre Mitt is the perfect addition to your detailing armoury.

Primarily designed for interior use, clean those hard to reach areas with ease. Can also be used for glass cleaning and use with detailers.

Soft and gentle for use with:

Quick Detailers

Glass Cleaners

Leathercare Products

Interior Detailers

Care Instructions:

Machine wash separately at 30 degrees. Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or conditioners. Tumble dry on a low heat only.

Now first thing's first, this isn't an alternative to our Microfibre Wash Mitt - this is specifically tailored towards being used for final detailing and not the initial cleaning phase. Stick with us and we'll explain to you the science behind it.