Meguiars Triple Duty Detail Brush

Meguiars Triple Duty Detail Brush


Meguiars Triple Duty Detail Brush is for a truly professional results in short

Car wax, the residue is completely removed from a wall badges trim pieces and mouldings and around emblems etc

don't forget the interior also take the time necessary to remove the dust dirt and grime from within crevices cracks and hard-to-reach areas

To give that like-new appearance

  • Long length bristles ideal for trim and moulding

  • Short length non-scratch bristles great the tight areas professional quality results

  • Unique end Brussels provide the ultimate way to get into hard-to-reach areas

he bristles on the end are perfect here:

An example of how the thinness of the row of stiff bristles is a real advantage to preventing marring:

This is an example of a place you want to be careful:

Notice here, between the weatherstrip and the front plastic nose:

Get this tool.