Meguiars Ultimate Insane Shine Interior Protectant

Meguiars Ultimate Insane Shine Interior Protectant


Meguiar's Ultimate Insane Shine Protectant is perfect for an all-in-one cleaner and protector leaving a rich high gloss shine and protection on vinyl, rubber, and plastics. Not all surfaces in a car's interior are matt or non-glossy so many interior cleaners and protectors do not give them the finish they justly deserve. Thankfully Meguiars offers all interior finished their own specific products, Meguiars Quik Interior Detailer for a natural finish, Meguiars Ultimate Interior Detailer for satin and now the Ultimate Insane Shine Interior Protectant for high gloss areas.

Offering a long-lasting glossy shine on unpainted vinyl, plastics and rubber with UV absorbers to reduce fading and damage to your car's interior. This product is also so good at absorbing UV rays that you can use it on exterior plastics, vinyl, and rubber as well to protect from the harmful summer sun.

For light and mildly dirty interiors you can use the Ultimate Interior Protectant as both your cleaner and protector in one, but if you have come across a more contaminated area; or just want to give your car's interior a truly deep cleaner use Meguiars Carpet and Interior Cleaner first.

473ml spray bottle

UV protection

High Gloss Finish

Long lasting results

Easy spray and wipe formula

Can be used on exterior gloss car trim

Shake product well

Spray on to a cloth or applicator

Apply to a cool surface

Wipe of any excess

Do not apply to glass, paint, tire tread, leather, motorcycle, bicycle seats, or pedals.

Do not apply to clear plastics or non-gloss finishes

Size: 473ml