New!! Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax

New!! Meguiars Ultimate Paste Wax


This is Meguiars most advanced, pure synthetic hydrophobic wax and it offers the longest lasting protection ever.

New synthetic polymers crosslink to form a protective barrier that amplifies reflections for incredible depth and a mirror-like shine, without leaving white residue on plastic and rubber. Meguiar's Thin Film technology makes application and wipe-off effortless, even in full sun!

Size: 311ml complete with foam applicator and polishing cloth..

New 'Thin Film' technology makes application the easiest, even in full sun

Latest Hydrophobic Polymer technology increases surface tension - water beads & rolls off

Maximum protection, durability, depth of colour & reflectivity

Perfect for all glossy paints & clear coats

Supplied with a foam applicator & microfibre buffing cloth