Bilt Hamber UB Firm Anti-Corrosion Wax

Bilt Hamber UB Firm Anti-Corrosion Wax


Bilt & Hamber dynax-UB is a high-performance anti-corrosion wax designed for car underbodies.

dynax-UB is a high-performance anti-corrosion wax that provides exceptionally long-lasting protection to steel surfaces.

dynax-UB contains elastic polymers that create a tougher wax coating that is more resistant to abrasion than normal wax coatings - this property enables this wax to protect vehicle undersides for prolonged periods.

Unlike traditional bitumen underseals dynax-UB will not peel. Peeling underbody coatings trap water against the steel surface accelerating corrosion.

dynax-UB forms a touch-dry, brown, wax-like film.

dynax-UB is able to arrest existing corrosion and to provide long-term protection to pre-corroded and corrosion-free surfaces.

dynax UB substantially outperforms competitive material in salt-spray trials under conditions of ASTM B117. Salt-spray performance should never be overlooked as vehicle undersides and cavities are always exposed to this attack from winter road salt.

Kit Contains:
- Dynax UB 750ml Aerosol
- Small Straw

Aerosol dynax-UB large 750ml aerosol, comes with standard spray head and pipe attachment to get into nooks, produces professional 'stippled' finish.

dynax-UB will vary in viscosity with temperature; it may appear to have a soft grainy appearance to firm gel. Apply at least 2 coats to the surface at 24 hr intervals. This first primes the surface and allows subsequent coats to build higher film thickness.

dynax-UB will provide excellent protection at a wide-range of film thickness - aim to achieve a uniform dry-film thickness of around 80 - 100 microns.