Monza Diamond Weave Glass Cloth

Monza Diamond Weave Glass Cloth

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This amazing Monza Diamond Weave Glass Polishing Cloth is specially made for use on glass, mirrors etc, it is made from a very high quality lint free shortpile microfibre material, this is really the business for cleaning glass without leaving marks behind that you normally get from standard cheaper so-called microfibre glass cloths.

This High-Tech Diamond Weave towel is constructed from a sandwich technique, the front and back are Diamond Weave Microfibre with a highly absorbent Premium Microfibre inner layer. This is a unique product designed and developed and predominantly used in the glass and mirror industry, but now starting to be used in the automotive market with superb feedback and results.

It is extremely soft and is more absorbent than many any other cloths on the market and will remove soiling and any other deposits etc without smearing.

It is built to withstand a high level of use.

Approx size: 45cm x 35cm

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