Monza Professional Snow Foam Lance

Monza Professional Snow Foam Lance

£29.99 Was £39.99

This Monza Pro Snow Foam Lance has totally changed the way you can wash your car these days it will help to reduce the 'Swirling Effect' on your paint surface when washing your car with the sponge or wash mitt method.

Please select which lance fitting you require for your machine from the drop down menu above.

Please Note: That the bosch fitting will not fit the AQT model washers

This foam lance is proven to be one of the most popular and essential wash tools on the market today with lots of people using them and keeping there car looking great and also holding the value of the cars by keeping there paintwork in nearly swirl free condition.

This Heavy Duty Professional Foam injection lance attaches directly to your pressure washer. Used as a Pre-Wash Tool, it mixes with our any of our Snow Foam range and with water flow to create a thick foam which clings to the vehicle.

Softening and lifting dirt and girt from the vehicles surface the foam is then removed with either a pressure washer or hose.

This process eliminates a majority of the harmful dirt and grit that causes swirls on the paintwork during normal sponge or mitt cleaning.

Ideal for enthusiast or professional use.

Quality design and fittings provide excellent durability for everyday usage.

Maximum Pressure 160 Bar.

Max Temp 60 Degrees

Variable, adjustable Spray Nozzle for accurate mixing and foam generation.

Fully Adjustable dilution with setting dial.

1 Litre plastic container bottle

Pour in up to 50mm of Snow Foam solution into the plastic bottle and fill to the top with warm water.

The width of the spray can be adjusted by turning the end nozzle.

The strength of the mix can be adjusted by turning the top dial.

To add more water to the mix turn the dial to the plus (+) symbol.

For a stronger mix turn the dial to the minus (-) symbol.