Monza Super Soaker Ultra Thick Drying Towel

Monza Super Soaker Ultra Thick Drying Towel

£14.99 Was £18.99

This new Monza Super Soaker Car Drying Towel has a super soft thick Coral fleece microfibre deep pile developed to safely dry your vehicle with ease.

This drying towel is a Pro grade towel and is a large 500mm wide by 800mm long towel so will dry your vehicle whether it's folded into half or even in quarters.

Its ultra deep pile will quickly absorb all surface water whilst be safe and swirl free.

approx size: 500mm X 800mm


A great way to guard against swirl marks when drying your car.

Made of 100% Microfibre which eliminates the scratching and swirls.

Microfibre Edges

Inside Stitched

Super premium towel.

Streak-free absorbent towel

Absorbs up to 10 times its weight in water

Highly absorbent so quickly takes off water with ease