Monza Ultra Glass Rain Repelant Sealant

Monza Ultra Glass Rain Repelant Sealant

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This Monza Ultra Glass Sealant creates an hydrophobic surface on your vehicle glass which actively repels water for up to 2 years. Whilst driving you'll notice a much clearer vision considerably enhancing road safety which in turn making seeing further ahead on the road much easier also.

This high tech formula creates a crystal clear surface on your glass that makes it easy to clean, preventing contamination, dirt, insects and environmental fallout from adhering to the treated glass surfaces.
The hydrophobic effect is extremely high, therefore water starts flying off the windscreen at amazingly low speeds.

The durability of our glass guard is outstanding as well, with at least 18 months on the front windscreen and up to 36 months on the side and rear windows.

100ml size bottle.

Comes with 4x cotton applicator pads

Once applied raindrops simply bead & roll off your windscreen. Whilst driving this often reduces the need to use windscreen wipers. Dangerous water sheeting is also substantially reduced.

Produces a chemical bond that becomes part of the glass itself.

A hydrophobic barrier is created, sealing the microscopic pores of the glass, creating a water-beading surface, preventing dirt, salt crystals, bugs and acid rain from deteriorating the original glass surface. This creates a surface that is easy to maintain and will remain clear.

There is no need for frequent re-application. This tough coating lasts for thousands of miles and many months.

Creates a cleaner and clearer glass improving visibility around the whole car.

Once you've driven with Monza Ultra Glass Sealant applied to your glass you'll never want be without it!