Nanolex Professional Tar Remover

Nanolex Professional Tar Remover

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During normal driving conditions, small deposits of bitumen and tar adhere to paintwork and wheels. These nubby deposits have traditionally been removed with a clay bar, or by excessive scrubbing with a wash mitt during the wash process.

Nanolex Tar Remover is a solvent-based specialist remover which gets to work on tar and bitumen, dissolving bonds which allow the deposits to grip the substrate. The contamination can then be easily rinsed away.

New larger 750ml Spray bottle

Easy to use, spray on, rinse off formulation

Non-contact tar remover makes the wash process safer for paintwork

Can be used on paintwork, wheels, glass

Safe for use on all solvent-resistant substrates & materials

Free from halogenated hydrocarbons (which can be toxic)

Ensure surface to be cleaned is cool to the touch

Spray liberal amounts of undiluted Nanolex Tar Remover onto the surface

Allow to dwell for a short time

Rinse with a jet of clean water (ideally using a pressure washer)

For stubborn deposits, agitate area with a soft detailing brush