Autoglym Plastic & Trim Conditioner

Autoglym Plastic & Trim Conditioner


Autoglym Plastic & Trim Conditioner is a gel based product that restores and protects external plastic or rubber mouldings, i.e. bumpers, rubbing strips, mirror casings, grill mouldings, faded matt black finishes and tyres.

Contains tough weather resistant resin polymers to counteract ageing and bleaching effects of sunlight, water and traffic film.

Apply to surface with lint free cloth. Dried film can be removed with common solvents.

Large value 1 litre bottle

It continues to protect the surface by forming a tough, translucent, flexible, waterproof barrier against atmospheric pollution.

Use on all colours of exterior plastic and rubber components, including bumpers, fenders, grilles, mirror casings, mouldings, trim, tyre walls, vinyl roofs, spoilers and mudflaps.

Ideal for removing dried on polish stains.

Also particularly effective on vinyl roof hoods, rejuvenating and helping to proof against water.

1 Litre Bottle

Revives and restores aging trim

Gives trim a natural sheen, not high gloss

Provides protective waterproof barrier

Can be used on any colour and multiple types of trim

Will not damage paintwork - simply buffs off

Also excellent for vinyl roof hoods

Autoglym is used and approved by over 20 car manufacturers, including Jaguar, Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen

Usage Instructions:
1. Remove any traffic film from the surface using a detergent if necessary.
2. Shake well. Ensure surface is dry before use. Apply liberally using a lint free cloth or sponge, ensuring an even coverage across the surface.
3. Allow to dry. Remove any product residue with Autoglym Tar & Adhesive Remover.