IK Spray Foam Sprayer

IK Spray Foam Sprayer


This IK Foam sprayer is a high-capacity, pressure foamer that makes snow-foaming possible without the need for a conventional hose, pressure washer and lance.

This is the perfect NO NOISE solution and also if there's no tap or electricity outside of your property and you would like to snow foam your vehicle.

The IK Foam Blaster is designed to enhance foams: When the Foam Blaster is full, there is enough liquid to pre-wash/foam three cars. Because the Foam Blaster applies a more concentrated foam, the cleaning power is better than traditional foam lance systems. This is because traditional foam systems apply the foam at a final dilution of up to 1:300 - the Foam Blaster applies foam at a dilution of 1:15 up to 1:25, which you have full control over when filling your pump up.

There is an environmental benefit too: You end up using less water, which is good news if you're on a water meter. In addition, you use the same or less amount of concentrate, so it's the same cost per car clean.

These are high-quality, fully repairable compression sprayers that IK are very proud of.

IK state the 8-litre capacity of the Foam Blaster is enough for three cars

Choice of 5 Litre or 8 Litre sized sprayer container

The IK Foam Foam Blaster is a genuinely useful piece of kit, for the professional valeter/detailer, the enthusiasts and those wanting to start taking their normal car cleaning routine to the next level.

Should you live in an area where the neighbours won't appreciate the noise of a pressure washer being used for an evening or Sunday clean, the IK Foam Blaster is completely silent, therefore a good alternative.

Should you not own a pressure washer or have access to one, the IK Foam Blaster gives you all the benefits of a traditional lance system without either the need for a pressure washer or the fuss and mess of dragging it out of your shed, plugging in the water and electrics, finding and attaching the foam gun, and then having to remove that once you used it.