Forever Black Tyre Gel Dressing Kit

Forever Black Tyre Gel Dressing Kit


Forever BLACK silicone-free Tyre Gel outperforms tyre "dressings". The tyres will be restored back to the new black luster look they had when you bought them.

Forever Black Tyre Gel is environmental safe and silicone free. Most tyre "dressings" last for days while Forever Black last for up to 30 washes. You will be surprised how different your whole vehicle will look when you apply the tyre gel. Your old dirty tyres will come to life in one application.

The Tyre Gel is packaged with a special patent-pending foam applicator and 8 ounces (236ml) of Forever BLACK Tyre Gel. Forever BLACK Tyre Gel dries in minutes and lasts for months. Each kit will dye approximately 10 tyres. Safe to use around your paint job since it will not adhere to paint. Each kit includes a 236ml bottle of tyre gel and a foam applicator.

Wipes on easy

Black pigmented polymer

Water-based & Silicone and oil free

Fast drying

Protects against UV damage

Does not attract the dust

Restores faded look

Lasts for months

Not a dressing but a dye

1. Apply Forever BLACK Tyre Gel to the applicator

2. Spread evenly on tyre avoid white areas

3. Dries in 5 to 10 minutes

4. Clean applicator with soap and water