Poorboys Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing Spray

Poorboys Bold N Bright Tyre Dressing Spray


Bold N Bright is a super-concentrated spray on tyre dressing that will refresh dull tyres with a single application. Spray on dirty, dingy tires, allow it to sit and penetrate, and then wipe away for quick but fabulous results.

Bold N Bright is an effective and durable water-based tyre cleaner, yet it contains NO toxins or harsh chemicals.

A key feature of the Poorboy\'s World range is that it can be used in direct sunlight OR in the shade and Bold N Bright is no exception. This gives it a huge advantage over other tyre cleaners / dressings.

473ml - 16oz spray bottle

Water Based
* Spray or Wipe On

* Long Lasting Shine

* Cleans as it Shines

* Can be Diluted

* Dries to the Touch

* Not Greasy or Sticky

If your tyres are particularly dirty, rinse and wash them first. Spray the tyre with Poorboy's Bright N Bold and scrub gently to loosen all dirt, grime and brake dust then wipe away to unveil clean, dressed tyres.

For a heavier shine, just add another thin layer on top.