Valet Pro Enzyme Odour Eater 1 Litre

Valet Pro Enzyme Odour Eater 1 Litre


Valet Pro Enzyme Odour Eater is lemon scented to immediately mask odours. Then over a 24hr period enzymes go to work digesting the bacteria food source, the bacteria then dies off, as will the smell.

This product will successfully eliminate milk, sick, dogs and other unpleasant odours.

1 Litre Bottle 'that will make upto 5 Litres'

Enzymatic action, natural and effective odour eliminator.

Breaks down organic soiling and stains.

Powerful citrus scent, immediate relief from foul smells.

Ideal for washrooms and use on carpets in the home and car.

Safe for use on all types of absorbent surfaces.

Can also be used as a pre-cleaner to break-down the enzymes in the dirt before extraction cleaning by machine