Valet Pro Narrow Head Dashboard Brush

Valet Pro Narrow Head Dashboard Brush


This Valet Pro Narrow Head Dashboard Brush is one of our best sellers. It has been designed to be used for lots of different types of interior and exterior cleaning tasks and with a soft plastic collar it will clean the most delicate of finishes without scratching the surface. The bristles are made from high quality horse hair.

This is an extremely soft dusting brush. For dusting and cleaning nooks and crannies on a dashboard such as air vents, gaps between the steering wheel, ash trays etc. One of the most important tools for both amateur enthusiasts and professional detailers!

An excellent long lasting multi-purpose brush.

15mm round head size.

Uses include:

Cleaning Wheels

Cleaning around badges and trim

Fuel Cap enclosures

Window Rubbers and Sunroof Seals

Door Shuts

Interior Trim