Dodo Juice Hogg Hair Detail / Wheel Brush

Dodo Juice Hogg Hair Detail / Wheel Brush


The Dodo Juice Hogg Hair Detail Brush is available in two different head sizes 40mm & 25mm

Wheel and detailing brushes need to have a short-ish bristle depth to prevent them from flexing unduly, and this means that metal collared brushes are no use there's chance the collar could scratch the surface being cleaned. The Dodo Juice Hog Brush uses a plastic collar to guard against scratches, coupled to a comfortable and grippy wooden handle.

Available in a 25mm of 40mm collar head diameter, with natural (soft) boar's hair bristles

 photo PB222411a.jpg

Cleaning Wheels and lug nuts

Cleaning around badges and trims

Fuel filler cap surrounds

Window rubbers and sunroof seals

Door shuts

Interior crevices etc

Dashboard vents and ducts