EZ Professional Detail Brush

EZ Professional Detail Brush


The EZ detail brush is an ideal tool to clean those hard to reach areas on your car or bike. The brush is constructed with soft nylex bristles which allows the brush to loosen and remove dirt without scratching the wheel. The brush is also chemical resistant so it can be used with all cleaners. The tip, stem and sleeve are all vinyl covered so there are no exposed metal parts, the brush also features a useful knuckle guard.

The EZ Detail Brush can bend to wash at your desired angle making it a very versatile tool, it can also reach between the brake calliper and the wheel\'s edge. Perfect for wide and narrow wheel spokes.

Ideal for cleaning engine bays too!

The brush measures 18 x 4.5 inches.

The tip of the EZ Detail Brush is covered in vinyl to prevent accidental scratches and scrapes. A rubber knuckle guard protects you from getting too close to hard metal edges. An ergonomic handle keeps you comfortable while you clean.

We've emphasised how well the EZ Detail Brush fits into tight openings, but what about wide-set spokes? This brush has a diameter of approximately 125mm to also clean large wheel openings.