Genuine Nenette Duster Mop

Genuine Nenette Duster Mop


This is the famous 'Nenette' dust eating Polishing Mop which has been made in France since 1947.

Nenette is a cotton brush mounted on a red plastic handle.

Its pure cotton fringes are impregnated with a liquid polish.

It captures and retains dust from car paintwork and dashboard leaving a shine.

Great for car dealerships and motorcycles. Also ideal for using around the home on furniture.

Nenette can be stored and used for a long time.

Simply wash (by hand or machine) and once dry re-impregnate using the liquid polish Nenetol (available from our shop).

Always store is the sleeve provided.

Nénette is a cotton fringe impregnated with a polishing liquid, Nénétol. It captures and retains dust, shines the car body and dashboard efficiently and quickly. It only takes a few minutes, without getting your hands dirty, to give the bodywork all its sparkle. The Nénette® is also the ideal tool for dusting motorcycles or scooters. And, at home, furniture and various surfaces

Nénette should be used on a dry surface. Avoid contact with absorbent substrates (paper, fabrics, ...). It is recommended to put the Nénette in its sheath after use. Nénette can be stored and used for a long time if you take care when it is very dirty or very dry, to re-impregnate it. To do this, detach the fringe from its sleeve, wash it (by hand or machine) and, once dry, re-soak it with a dose of Nénétol polishing liquid.

The polish refill doesn't come with the brush!!!

Price is for 1x duster mop

The original and still one of the best car dusters in today's market

Has now been around for over 70 years

Great for removing dust from polished surfaces & dashboards

Impregnated with a petroleum wax based liquid polish

The liquid polish ( Nenetol ) will pick up & absorb dust particles whilst polishing the surface

Handy metal container for easy storage

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