Monza Deepile Noodle Wash Mitts

Monza Deepile Noodle Wash Mitts


These wash mitts are as soft as the proverbial baby's bottom and will not harm even the most delicate painted surfaces. Microfibre mesh on the back removes stubborn stains, grime and bugs.

This product was awarded BEST BUY in a recent AutoExpress & Practical Caravan test, as it is hugely absorbent and the ideal car wash accessory.

You\'ll be amazed at the amount of water and soap they hold, the mitt actually seems almost too heavy after the first dip in the bucket. The benefit of all of that soap and water is excellent lubricity while washing, the mitt just seems to glide over the paint surface.

Clean up is a breeze as well, all that's needed to remove dirt and debris from these wash mitts is just a quick shake in the wash bucket, the gunk simply falls away.

They are machine washable and will last for many, many washings and with a snug fitting elastic cuff to keep the mitt on your hand.

Colours of mitts vary.

Approx mitt size: L 280mm x W 200mm x H 40mm.