Monza Dual Sided Lambs Wool Wash Mitt

Monza Dual Sided Lambs Wool Wash Mitt


Pamper your paintwork with this 'High Quality' Flexipads Lambswool Wash Mitt.

Ideal for sensitive finishes that mark easily.

The gentle washing action of genuine lambswool is much better than sponges and conventional wash mitts.

Most people use sponges that collect particles of dirt that act as an abrasive the next time the sponge is re-used.

With a wash mitt you can put it in the washing machine after use and in readiness for the next time it is required safe in the knowledge that the grit and dirt particles that cause swirl marks have been removed.

On the reverse side there is a special non-abrasive bug-removing gauze.

Made from Supersoft Lambswool

Bug removing gauze on reverse

Machine washable to prevent scratches when next used