Aqua Gleam Car Wash Water Filter

Aqua Gleam Car Wash Water Filter


This amazing aqua gleam car wash spot free car rinse water filter works wonders on leaving your car after rinsing totally spot free by removing impurities in the water that normally leave spot marks and streaks.

This water filter is very easy to use with no hassle, just simply clip on to your garden wall tap with the hose fittings and away you go.

The length of time the resin will effective for will depend on a few factors the water hardness of your area where you live and the length of time spent rinising your car down with it connected to the filter.


* Length 350mm (13.7")

* Width 100mm (4")

Please Note: This filer comes complete with two hose end connectors only.

No watermarks or streaks

No need to chamois dry car down

Complete with two hose lock end fittings.

Rinse and just walk away

Touchless drying = less swirl marks on your paintwork

Spot free results after rinsing

Lots of other uses: eg: motorbikes, boats, aircraft, motorhomes, hard to reach exterior windows and glass conservatories.

1) Wash your vehicle in the normal way using warm soapy water applied with a sponge or wash mitt. Rinse the soapy water away using normal tap water directly from your hose. Keep the rinsed areas wet while you complete the whole vehicle.

Please Note: Do not allow the vehicle to dry before you rinse a second time using treated water through the filter.

2) Connect the filter to your hose using the connectors supplied. Rinse the whole vehicle a second time.

3) Stand back and allow to air dry naturally for a spot free result.


Do not use in conjunction with a pressure washer

Use water from the filter sparingly.

Only use enough water to re-wet all surfaces

Keep using the filter until you are no longer satisfied with the results. Dispose in normal non recyclable waste bin when no longer giving the desired results.

Store filter in a dark place when not in use.

Approximately ten litres of purified water should be sufficient to rinse an average four door saloon car.