Monza Replacement Water Filter Resin

Monza Replacement Water Filter Resin


This Monza Indion mixed bed ion exchange resin is a mixture of highly purified, super regenerated strong acid cation and strong base anion resins in a 40:60 volume ratio.

It is recommended for any non regenerable mixed bed applications where reliable production of the highest quality water is required, and where the resin must have an absolute minimum of ionic and non ionic contamination before it is used. Any precontamination in the resin is only reducing the amount of time you can use your resin for, so a higher quality resin will last you for longer.

This mixed bed formulation is regarded in the pure water industry as the best performing mixed bed de-ionisation resin, consistently outlasting every other brand, pound for pound.

Choice of 5 or 10 Litre Bags


Please Note: Only fill your 5.4 litre tank up with approx 3 litres of resin.

The life expectancy of the DI resin is based on the TDS level of the RO water going into it. The RO will
remove 95% of the TDS from the feed water.

Example: The feed water supply from a garden hose at your job site has a TDS of 300 ppm. The RO will
remove 95%, so the water going into the DI resin cartridge will be at 15 ppm. (5% of 300 ppm)

We recommend that a final rinse is performed at half mains pressure so the resin will last much longer than on full mains pressure through the filter.