Autoglym Aqua Wax

Autoglym Aqua Wax


The Autoglym Aqua Car Wax is a super fast product designed to give a brilliant smear-free finish on all exterior surfaces, even when the vehicle is wet from washing. The immediate benefit is that there is no need to dry the car between washing and polishing

A brilliant high gloss finish can be achieved in a fraction of the normal time plus the product contains carnauba wax for exceptional durability
Aqua Wax is suitable for all paint types including metallic, as well as rubber, plastics and glass.

500ml Bottle

* Durable real wax finish in half the time

* Contains carnauba wax for durable protection

* Can be applied even when the car is wet

* Suitable for all paint types, rubber, plastic & glass

* Includes 500ml bottle with microfibre towel