Autoglym Super Resin Polish 500ml

Autoglym Super Resin Polish 500ml


Super Resin Polish imparts an exceptionally high gloss shine to all types and colours of automotive paintwork. Super Resin Polish is easy to use and contains specialised emulsifiers and conditioners to gently clean and condition paintwork. Low molecular weight resins harden and bond to give exceptional protection and cosmetic effect. Treated high gloss surfaces are highly resistant to deterioration from most environmental contaminants and weather conditions including UV light.

Ideal for all types of new or moderately deteriorated automotive paintwork including metallics, waterbased and lacquered finishes.

500ml Bottle

Full Product Review

Completely re-engineering Super Resin Polish is, on the quiet, quite the brave decision. And not one Autoglym has undertaken lightly. But prompted by modern paint finishes and composition, not to mention ever more competent opposition there is now a 100% brand new formula for SRP. I popped along to AG's Letchworth HQ to see it in action.

That sounds like a bizarre way to spend an hour on Friday morning, but AG isn't actually that far from the Harpenden office. And gladly I think it was worth the trip.

After a brief run through what had been done and why including a recap of some original packaging designs (be still your geeky detailing hearts) it was onto the demonstration in Autogylm's immaculate valeting training bay.

Starting with an unpolished and hard used BMW, the new Super Resin polish was placed in direct competition with a pair of (unnamed but guessable) rivals applied using their own manufacturer's recommended processes. The Autoglym is going on above, on the passenger side of the BMW's bonnet; the competitors were applied in the middle and on the driver's side.

The new formula SRP is supposedly capable of withstanding up to 35 washes before being rendered completely useless more than twice the old formula's 15-wash claim. Obviously, no-one had time to hang around while we went through that process, so a mildly diluted solution of one of Autglym's engine degreasers was used to simulate a speeded up process.

Straight-off it was apparent that the new SRP process is extremely easy to apply. No dusting in evidence, either.

It also creates a nice tight water bead that's comparable to a high quality wax which is, genuinely, very impressive for a 'mere' polish. But perhaps most consumers will be more interested in how long it lasts.

With the new SRP and its two competitors freshly applied to the bodywork all three produced nice clear water beading, but even at this stage the Autoglym was clearly superior. A situation that was only emphasised by successive 'car washing' with the degreasing solution.

Even after the first the competitors were beginning to weaken, while the Autogylm was still going strong after the third roughly equivalent to 30 conventional washes. It's the real deal. Excellent stuff.

The new Super Resin Polish also does an excellent job of masking swirl marks, as you can see below where the dark, smoother looking paintwork is clearly visible where its been applied to the back of the car.

It's also been engineered to compliment Autoglym's other products, including HD Wax for a really fine finish.