Dodo Juice Sour Power Shampoo

Dodo Juice Sour Power Shampoo


Dodo Juice Sour Power is Dodo Juice's pH-neutral gloss-enhancing shampoo, a stable mate of the highly successful 'Born to be Mild' maintenance shampoo. But this time, the shampoo contains some wax-grade carnauba to add a little gloss and protection to the finish, and is priced to be as affordable as possible. Don't worry, though.

The price may be lower, but the performance is as high as you'd expect. It's still hyper-concentrated and dilutes at up to 1:600 with water. It foams and lubes with the best of them. It's wax-safe. And it smells heavenly.

An eye-opener if you've never tried a Dodo Juice shampoo.

500ml bottle