Genuine Atlasta Chem Resistant Wheel Brush

Genuine Atlasta Chem Resistant Wheel Brush


Genuine Atlasta chemical resistant brush for cleaning parts, wheels, engines and brakes.

It is chemical resistant and can be used with acid alloy wheel cleaners. Its stiff bristles can get into hard to reach areas.

The uniquely constructed tool will stand up to the toughest cleaning jobs and is highly resistant to chemical attack from heavy duty cleaning solutions.

It is metal free and is safe for use on lacquered or plastic finished wheels and engine bay components. The tapered bristle head will not distort or mushroom, even when consistently pounded.

Use with cleaners on wheels, engines and components to cut straight through brake dust, grease and grime and significantly reduce cleaning time and effort.

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This is a Professional Quality Heavy Duty, Chemical Resistant Long-life Brush.

Ideal for the cleaning of Alloy Wheels and Parts.

Stiff Bristles