We stock over 100 Meguiars products and are constantly adding new items as they are released. Meguiars have been creating cleaning products for over 110 years and are widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading car care products companies.

Starting as a furniture polish maker headed by Frank Meguiar, Jr. back in 1901, Meguiars quickly established themselves as a leading product for polishing wooden furniture. With most cars being made of wood back then, it made sense for Meguiars to move into the automotive industry.

Since then, Meguiars continued to develop class-leading cleaning products, sticking to the family belief that they should never sell a product unless they were convinced that it was the best product available on the market. By the 1970’s, Meguiars had become the number one selling liquid car wax in America.

Following on from the success of the car wax, Meguiars launched a range of polishes which became an overnight success. Their high gloss finish provided car enthusiasts with a professional finish, without having to have their car professionally valeted. Their range of polishes, car waxes and other car care products are considered to be some of the best that are available on the market.

To the present day, Meguiars has a global reach for their car care products, with some of their biggest products being Meguiar’s Polish and Meguiars Ultimate Wash. Monza Car Care stock the full range of official Meguiars products, including all Meguiars UK products that are available.

Meguiars Polish

Meguiars stock a range of quality, professional polishes to enhance the look of your car and to keep it protected from the weather. Their 3-step system of products ensures a top-notch finish every time, with each product designed to achieve a specific result that conditions and nourishes the paint. This 3-step process is their secret to your car having the ultimate deep, wet-look shine.

The Meguiars Ultimate Polish is the final step you should take before moving on to the waxing stage of your car. By doing so, you ensure that you’re getting maximum gloss and reflectivity.

The Meguiars car polishes are market-leading products and have been tried and tested over 100 years, ensuring that you’re giving your car that high gloss, swirl-free finish everyone is after.

Meguiars Ultimate Wax

Meguiars car wax is notoriously simple to use, if you are interested in car care then you have no doubt have heard of Meguiars. Their range of car waxes are available in spray bottles and can be as easy as spraying your car followed by a rinse. We include car care tips on all product pages relevant to each product. Unlike traditional car wax, the surface does not require 100% coverage, as the water will help spread the wax for you – meaning your purchase will go further. Using a wax alongside polish helps preserve the finish and keep that shine.

One of the Meguiars flagship products includes their Ultimate Wax. Considered by many experts to be the best car wax available on the market today, Ultimate Wax is their most advanced pure synthetic hydrophobic wax. It offers car enthusiasts with the longest lasting protection of any of their waxes, with the special polymers creating a protective barrier for your vehicle, amplifying reflections and creating a mirror-like finish.

What’s more, Ultimate Wax leaves absolutely no residue on plastic or rubber, ensuring your car looks the best it can be. Monza Car Care stock the full range of Meguiars wax products, so be sure to pick one up today.

Ultimate Wash & Wax

One of the best hybrid car products available, Meguiars Ultimate Wash & Wax is one of the best, more effective ways of keeping your car clean and shining in between your regular car waxing process. Consisting of a hybrid of carnauba and polymer wax, Ultimate Wash & Wax provides protection and shine whilst you wash your vehicle. Not only that, but the sudsing action quickly and easily lifts off any grime and dirt residing on your car or motorbike.

To top it off, Ultimate Wash & Wax does not require any additional steps like some of the other Meguiars products, making it the perfect choice for those not wanting to spend too much money but still want to get the best results possible. Ultimate Wash & Wax is also fully compatible with all Meguiars wash and waxes, so you can rest assured that you’re not causing any damage or negatively affecting any work you’ve already done to your vehicle.

Meguiars Cleaners

Here at Monza Car Care, we stock one of the largest ranges of Meguiars products available in the UK. Our range of products includes the Meguiars Cleaners. Whether you’re washing your car or motorbike, Meguiars have created a range of leading cleaning products that are suited to all types of surfaces.

One such product is the always-popular Meguiars Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner. This product is the perfect solution for cleaning both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Developed in their professional line of products, this heavy-duty cleaner helps to clean and protect those surfaces that are always covered in road grime that standard washing struggles to remove.

The Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Cleaner also removes general dirt and wear and tear on the inside of your car too. Those stubborn marks on your interior surfaces will be as good as new after using this multi-purpose cleaner.

If your vehicle has already been coated, waxed or sealed, then to ensure you keep your finish as spotless as possible, we recommend using Meguiars Ultimate Snow Foam. Designed specifically for vehicles that already have a protective barrier, the Ultimate Snow Foam doesn’t have any negative impact on the pre-existing finish. The foaming action clings to your car, and slowly pulls up any grime without the need for pressure washing. The pH neutral foam ensures that your wax isn’t stripped off in the process.

When your car needs a bit of a heavier clean, the Ultimate Snow Foam works well as a surface lubricator, allowing you to carefully clean your car more thoroughly with a sponge or wash mitt.

Meguiars at Monza Car Care

Monza Car Care stock and sell one of the widest ranges of Meguirs products in the UK. With our fast, UK-wide delivery options and our affordable, extensive range of available products, you can find everything you need to care for your vehicle at Monza.

With our verified 5-star reviews online, Monza Car Care is one of the largest car care companies in the UK. We have hundreds of products available from a wide range of the biggest brands across the globe, so be sure to check out the rest of our website to view our full range of products.

If there’s a product that you’re looking for that is not currently available to purchase on our website, drop us an email and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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